Brazil Training Camp 2019

Here is the info for the Brazil Trip this year. The date for IBJJF World Masters South America has not been posted yet, and we don’t want to delay posting the trip info, so this year, so we’ll be making the trip a World Masters Training Camp. We’ll also be able to be a *bit* looser with our diets since we aren’t competing


I use Hopper to keep an eye on flights.  To fly out 8/2 and return 8/9 from Rio was $960 on Hopper this week but Hopper predicts prices will go down. You can also check out; they have a Delta flight listed for $813

If these prices still seem more than you wanted to spend on a flight, you can also look into getting the Citibank American Airlines credit card – it has a 60,000 miles sign up bonus and many award flights to Rio are around 40,000 miles. It also includes an Admirals Club (lounge) membership which is a nice bonus.  The American Express Platinum also has a good sign up bonus and American Express has their own travel portal that gives you a 25% mileage discount to book directly through them instead of transferring miles to an airline.

We’ll be flying out of SFO on Tuesday, 8/2 and arriving in Rio the late morning on 8/3 (it’s always an overnight flight so you arrive the next day). Get a flight that lands before noon on 8/3. Once you go through passport control and customs, Marco and I will meet you at the airport. Your return flight (unless you want to stay later on your own) should be for anytime Saturday, 8/9.



You’ll need to get a Brazilian Visa.  It’s much easier than it sounds. You go online and schedule your appointment here:

Make sure you complete this paperwork before your appointment:

When you go to your appointment, you MUST bring a money order from the post office.  It’s really ridiculous, but you can’t use cash or card. You must also bring a current passport photo and your passport.  


It’s approximately an hour and a half drive southwest of the Rio airport and about 30 minutes outside of the Teresopolis City Center. Marco’s house is in the mountains…there is very occasional (but don’t get too hopeful) cell service, no data really available and limited WiFi. It will be winter, which is typically 50-70F in the daytime and 40-50 at night.



All of your meals (3 meals + 2 snacks daily) while we are in Canoas will be provided. We’ll be serving Paleo(ish) food (lean protein, eggs, salad, veggies, fruit PLUS rice, beans, oatmeal, potatoes and gluten free pancakes) but can accommodate most dietary requests. Fresh fruit is available all day. We will BBQ every night after training. Filtered drinking water is provided while in Canoas so bring your reusable water bottle.

This year for an additional $80/person you can include unlimited drinks while in Canoas (beer, wine, spirits, caipirinha and whisky)



Daily, there will be training at home with Marco in the AM (after breakfast) and evening (before dinner). Throughout the week, there will be several guest Black Belt instructors who will join us for training and instruction. We’ll also head out for a daily excursion either to train at the Pitbull gym, or for sightseeing.



We’ll be having (optional) daily conditioning workouts and group runs.  We also have a full gym on the property which includes a squat rack/bench, lat pull down/seated row, cable crossover machine, leg extension machine, ham curl machine, sissy squat, free weights, pull up bar, resistance bands, landmine and spin bikes.


Due to vehicle constraints (we’ll have minivans to transport everyone and a truck for luggage) we ask that you limit your luggage to (1) medium/small suitcase (not large) and (1) backpack per person. We won’t have room to transport any more than that.



  • 1 Gi (we’ll have a 2nd one waiting for you in Brazil)
  • jacket/sweatshirt
  • warm pajamas (seriously, it gets cold at night)
  • 2 Long sleeved rash guards
  • Maybe some spats if you like to wear them under your gi pants (its kinda cold in the AM)
  • workout clothes/shoes
  • Swimwear (for the sauna and waterfalls)
  • Toiletries
  • Bug repellent
  • Water Bottle
  • Extra snacks (if you’re a very snacky person and 2 snacks a day won’t cut it)


  • First Aid supplies – I have a ton
  • More than 1 gi (we’ll have your Special Edition Brazil trip one here waiting for you)
  • Towels/Blankets/linens/etc…



All Transportation (including pickup and drop off at the airport)

All Lodging (in Canoas and Rio)

All Meals, snacks & water while in Canoas (8/3 – 8/7). Unlimited beer, wine & spirits while in Canoas can be added for an additional $80/per person

Laundry service while in Canoas

1 Special Edition Marco Nascimento/Pitbull gi


Not Included:

Food & Drinks while in Rio (8/8 & 8/9)

Any additional snacks (acai, coconut water, coxhina, etc…) while in Teresopolis

Admission to Big Jesus (Cristo Redentor)

Any excursions not listed on the itinerary (if you decide to go out on your own)


What are the accommodations like? – You’ll be in the jungle, so for sure don’t expect 5 star spa treatments, but both the apartment & property with private rooms are comfortable, warm & clean.

Where can I exchange my money? – One of the black belts at the Pitbull gym in Teresopolis can exchange your American money for Brazilian Reals at a very good rate with no fee, so wait until we get there rather than exchanging at the airport.  You can also use your American credit cards basically everywhere.

But what about Zika/Yellow Fever/Dengue? – Zika hasn’t been on the news for like a year so it’s probably gone. JUST KIDDING.  Seriously though, there is always a risk of mosquito borne illnesses anytime you travel BUT Teresopolis is at about 3000ft so the mosquito problem isn’t quite as bad as other areas of Brazil. Also, keep in mind, this will be during the winter, so the mosquito population will naturally be lower. The Yellow Fever outbreak that was going on last year has subsided and Teresopolis hasn’t been known as an area common for Dengue. When we stay here, we only use bug repellent if we’re working out or training around dusk and I’ve only been bitten once in like the last 3 years. But if you’re very worried, it couldn’t hurt to use repellent it all the time.  

Is Brazil safe? – The first time I came with Marco, I left Graham at home because I had heard some sketchy things about Brazil.  That was 7 years ago and Graham has been about 12 times since. TBH there are sketchy things about every country if you go to the wrong neighborhood and there are FOR SURE parts of Rio that I would not feel comfortable going to.  That being said, the only part of Rio we’ll be in is the nicest/most expensive neighborhood in Rio and we won’t be going to any areas that aren’t completely safe. The area where our house is located is in the mountains outside of Teresopolis city center. The only intruders we worry about are the horses that sneak in the open gate to eat our corn. I feel safer having Graham in Canoas than at home in Burlingame.

I have a special pillow/favorite blanket/extensive shoe collection, can I bring a big suitcase? – Sure but you’ll have to walk home from the airport.  Seriously, the cars are kinda small here. We have vans for driving everyone around and have accounted for luggage by bringing an extra truck to the airport, but there won’t be room for those huge suitcases.  If you have something that you absolutely HAVE to bring (C-PAP, medications, etc…) talk to us ahead of time so we can bring your other items early and you can bring the necessities with you on 8/2.

I want to come early/stay later in Brazil – Cool! Just meet us at the airport on 8/3.  You’ll have to make your own arrangements for staying after, but we’ll be in Rio on 8/3.

Can I bring my family (kids, wife, husband, etc..) – YES!  We have special pricing if you’d like to bring a family member(s) who aren’t training, just ask. But please remember you’ll owe your family members big time if they have to sit around and watch you do BJJ for hours in a foreign country.


“The Real World” (shared lodging in the aparment across the street) – $875

“The Couple” (Private room in the large house, per person, based on Double Occupancy) – $1125

“The Hermit” (Private room in the large house, all to yourself) – $1350


Questions?  Want to sign up? Email or talk to Chandra or Christina at the front desk